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Janzer Series

Unleash Design Freedom: Janzer Multi-Mount Posts by Gaines

Craft a statement with Janzer Multi-Mounts. Choose from 9 unique mailbox colors and premium materials for double, triple, and quad configurations.

Gaines Manufacturing - Where Quality Meets Customization

  • 9 Bold Colors: Express your vision with a spectrum of stylish mailbox finishes.
  • Unmatched Configurability: Double, Triple, or Quad setups - design the perfect layout for your community.
  • Timeless Craftsmanship: Built with enduring materials like [List high-quality materials, e.g., aluminum, stainless steel].

Reduced Maintenance, Lasting Beauty.

Gaines Manufacturing: Quality. Choice. Delivered.

Janzer Double and Multi Mount with Mailboxes

Offered from

Sale price$647.00

Post Setup
Post Color
Mailbox Color

Add Personalization for the Flag Side Mailbox and Non-Flag Side Mailbox

Flag side Non-Flag side
Personalization Text (+ $29.00)
Flag-Side 2-Line (+ $39.00)
Personalization Text (+ $29.00)
Non-Flag-Side 2-Line (+ $39.00)

Tailor your entryway: Express your unique style with the Janzer series! Choose from a range of post and mailbox finishes to create a combination that reflects your taste and complements your home.