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Classic Series

The Gaines Classic Faceplate: Timeless Elegance, Versatile Design Embrace the Legacy of Gaines Quality

The Gaines Classic Faceplate extends the timeless appeal of our renowned Classic Series, offering a versatile solution for a variety of installation options. This meticulously crafted faceplate seamlessly integrates with your existing architecture, whether flush-mounted directly on a wall or integrated within a pilaster or column.

Uncompromising Beauty and Security

Crafted from premium cast aluminum, the Classic Faceplate embodies enduring style. Choose from a palette of classic colors – White, Almond, Bronze, or Black – and complement your selection with gleaming solid brass doors in Polished Brass, Antique Bronze, or Satin Nickel finishes. The secure locking access door with two keys ensures the safety of your mail, while offering a choice between a standard access mail slot or a high-security option for added peace of mind.

A Symphony of Style and Customization

The Classic Faceplate reflects your discerning taste, mirroring the finish options of the Classic Pedestal Mailbox. This level of customization empowers you to create a mailbox ensemble that perfectly complements your home's unique aesthetic.

Designed for Seamless Integration

The Classic Faceplate is specifically designed for in-wall applications, ensuring a clean and sophisticated look. When paired with our HouseMark Address Plaque (sold separately), you can create a truly coordinated entryway that elevates your curb appeal.

Invest in a Legacy of Excellence

The Gaines Classic Faceplate represents more than just a mailbox; it's a timeless statement piece that reflects your commitment to quality and style. Experience the enduring beauty and exceptional functionality of the Gaines Classic and discover the perfect complement for your home.

Classic Series Faceplate Insert Mailbox

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The Gaines Classic Faceplate:

Refined Elegance for Your Entryway

Transform your entryway with the Gaines Classic Faceplate. Crafted from premium cast aluminum and beautifully finished, it offers enduring style and secure mail delivery. Customize your faceplate with a range of classic colors and gleaming brass door finishes to create a look that seamlessly complements your home's unique character.

Mailbox color
Mailbox accent finish
High Security MUST be Installed at the Factory

Classic Series

Add Distinction to Your Home: The Gaines Classic Faceplate & HouseMark Address Plaque

Transform your entryway into a statement of refined elegance by combining the Gaines Classic Faceplate with the HouseMark Address Plaque. This timeless duo offers exceptional curb appeal, with the faceplate's cast aluminum construction and customizable finishes perfectly complementing the HouseMark's solid design and personalized address display. Create a truly cohesive and sophisticated look that welcomes guests in style.


Classic Series

Almond with Polished Brass: Enduring Warmth and Sophistication

The Gaines Classic Faceplate in Almond with Polished Brass radiates warmth and sophistication. The rich almond finish creates a welcoming presence, while the gleaming polished brass accents add a touch of timeless luxury. This combination is particularly well-suited for traditional and craftsman-style homes. The polished brass will maintain its shine for years to come, and the magnetic closure offers a satisfying 'click' that adds a touch of refinement to your daily mail retrieval.

Classic Series

White with Antique Bronze: Timeless Elegance Redefined

The Gaines Classic Faceplate in White with Antique Bronze redefines timeless elegance. The crisp white finish evokes a sense of purity and tradition, while the warm tones of the antique bronze accents add a touch of vintage charm. This combination seamlessly blends with both classic and transitional architectural styles. The antique bronze finish develops a rich patina over time.

Classic Series

Black with Satin Nickel: A Classic Masterpiece

The Gaines Classic Faceplate in Black with Satin Nickel embodies contemporary sophistication. The sleek black finish creates a striking presence against your wall, accentuated by the cool gleam of the satin nickel accents. This combination exudes a modern edge, perfectly complementing homes with a minimalist aesthetic. Its magnetic closure adds a satisfying touch, while the black finish offers exceptional resistance to the elements, ensuring lasting beauty.

Discover the ideal blend of color and finish to complement your home's style. Explore our full range of options.